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EU certification

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CE certification frequently asked questions.

​With the promotion of economic globalization, Chinas trade economy continues to grow every year.

Mechanical instruction CE certification (MD in…

​Mechanical CE certification, the "CE" mark is a safety certification mark, which is regarded as the passport of the manufacturer to open and enter the European market.

Electromagnetic compatibility CE certification…

​EMC directive refers to the ability of a device or system to operate in an electromagnetic environment that does not produce an intolerable electromagnetic interference to any device in its environment.

EMC test, EMC leasing field, EMC rental test, …

​Shenzhen united testing supplies EMC certification,EMC testing,EMC leasing, and shenzhen united testingEMC laboratory, which owns the standard 966 half-wave darkroom, shielding room.

Kitchen appliance CE certification process.

CE certification, which provides uniform technical specifications for national products in European markets, simplifies trade procedures.

Nc drilling machine CE certification body MD m…

As the foundation of modern industry, CNC machine tool industry is not a key problem in the process of industrial economic development.

Standard test of LED lamp EN62493.

For the eu market, the European commission stipulates that all LED lamps exported to the eu must deal with CE certification. Only the products with CE certification mark can be sold in the European market.

How to do CE certification? What is the CE ce…

How to do CE certification? What is the CE certification process? Where is the CE certification?
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