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Australian certification

Basic knowledge of refrigerator RCM certificat…

Electrical appliances product is now one of the products of home, home appliance products cheaper in China

SAA certification cost SAA certification cycle…

SAA is an electrical product entering the Australian market and must comply with local product safety regulations.

CEMS certification profile

CEMS is Continuous Emission Monitoring System, refers to the atmospheric pollution emissions of gaseous pollutants and particles concentration and total Continuous Monitoring and real-time transmission of information to the competent department of plant

C - tick certification

A/c-tick is A certification mark for Communications equipment issued by the Australian Communications Authority (ACA).

SAA certification profile

​Standards Australia International Limited is Australias only standard certification body.

Introduction to RCM certification

Australia and New Zealand are introducing RCM logo, in order to realize the unification of the electrical products logo
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