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SAA certification

SAA certification cost SAA certification cycle.

SAA is an electrical product entering the Australian market and must comply with local product safety regulations. All electrical products sold in the New Zealand market shall be certified as safety (SAA).There are two main signs of SAA, one is formal recognition and one is standard.Formal certification is only responsible for the sample, and the standard logo is required for each factory inspection.At present, there are two ways to apply for SAA certification in China. One is to pass the CB test report. If there is no CB test report, you can also apply directly.

SAA process

1. Fill in the application form.

2. Product sample test.

3. Product rectification (when the test fails)

4. Report

5. Report evaluation

6. Certificate

SAA certification fees and cycles.

SAA certification is compulsory certification in Australia, including two fees, sample test fee and certificate fee. The price of a single model is about 12000rmb, and the certificate has a period of 5 years.

Certification cycle :4 weeks (prepare data for test, exit qualification test report.1 -- 2 weeks)(submit test report, review and issue 1 to 2 weeks)

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