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Lighting energy eficiency lab

Lab overview

       UNI has a large optical distributed photometer test system GMS-3000 (dark room area: 16m X 6m), 0.5m integrating sphere, 1.5m thermostatic integrating sphere, 2.0m remote integrating sphere, high power LM80 aging test system, ISTMT temperature rise test Instrument, high temperature aging room, light biosafety test system for lamps and lamp systems (IEC/EN 62471, IEC 62778), stroboscopic tester and other types of electrical auxiliary test instruments. UNI can provide one-stop service for your products, and all current testing and certification projects can be completed at UNI .


Lab equipment introduction

Laboratory authorization

National Laboratory Accreditation Program (NVLAP) Accredited Laboratory (Lab Code: 201045-0)
US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Authorized Lighting Laboratory (EPA ID: 1130439)
US DLC Accredited Laboratory
Lighting Facts Listed Testing Laboratory
California CEC Accredited Testing Laboratory
EU ErP Accredited Laboratory
Australian VEET accredited laboratory
Saudi SASO Accredited Laboratory

Certification project

US Energy Star Certification (Energy Star)
US DLC Certification (DLC Program)
US DOE Program (DOE Program)
California CEC Certification (CEC Title 20 & 24 Certification)
DOE Lighting Facts Label Program
FTC Lighting Facts Label Program
European ErP Energy Efficiency Certification (ErP Directive)
Australia VEET Energy Efficiency Certification (VEET Program)
Australian IPART Energy Efficiency Certification (IPART Program)
Saudi Energy Efficiency Certification (SASO Certification)
China Energy Label Program

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