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Industial machinary

一.Typical mechanical equipment

1. All kinds of machine tools

Punch, lathe, milling machine, boring machine, drilling machine, grinding machine, broaching machine......

2.Rubber and plastic machinery

Injection molding machine, blow molding machine, extrusion machine, compression and die casting machine, die mouth cutting machineGrinding machine, reactive molding machine...

3.Woodworking machinery

Wood sawing machine, many pieces of wood processing circular sawing machine, wood planer, wood working tenon machine, shaving machine......

4. Packaging machinery

Sealing machine, sealing machine, pallet loading and unloading machine, container packaging machine, labeling machine, loading and unloading machine... 

5.Printing and paper machines

Printing presses, paper machines...

6. Food machinery

Cake and cake making machine, dough processing equipment, vegetable peeling machine, mixer, processing oil and grease centrifuge, shell peeling and film removal machine, slicer, vegetable cutting machine......

7. Leather machinery

Reciprocating roller machine, rough purification and polishing machine, shoe last machine, shoe molding machine......

8.Agricultural and forestry machinery

Walking electric lawn mower, front loader, pruning shears, unloading machine, irrigation reel machine, lawn mower, cultivator, electric hoe, tractor, soil preparation machinery, mud tank truck, grape vine cutting and turning machine, fertilizer machine, harvester......

9. Construction machinery

Machines for the production of concrete and silicate construction products, block making machines, sliding and rotary machines...

10. Construction machinery

Bulldozer, excavator, crane, crane, tractor, pile driving machinery, trencher, pipeline laying machine, dump truck, scraper, road surface grinding press machine, soil stabilization machine, tunnel digging machinery......

11. Tool machine

Hand-held power tools: all kinds of hammer (chisel, riveting hammer, hammer, rotary hammer, hammer, hammer hit), all kinds of saw (chain saws, reciprocating saws, band saw, circular saw, wrench, grinding machine, grinding machine, spray gun, round knife, cutter, nailing machine, engraving machine, needle beam derusting machine, trimming machine, drilling machine, planer and thin version machine, shears and step blunt contour machine, tapping machine...Mobile power tools: circular saw, bench grinder, single spindle vertical molding machine, miter saw......Hand-held non-electric tools: assembly power and transmission tools for fasteners, cutting and crimping power tools, drill and tapping machines, non-rotating impact power tools, drilling machines, Angle grinders, polishing machines, grinding machines, compression power tools, step contour machines, shear machines, small circulation reciprocating saws...

12. Machinery for household and similar purposes

Walking control battery electronic lawn mower, commercial electric kitchen machinery, commercial and industrial land plate processing automatic machine, side push control city electric operation lawn mower......

13. Other machinery

Industrial washing machine, textile printing and dyeing machine, hardware machinery, electric spark processing machine, laser processing machine, industrial trucks, lifting platform, industrial heat treatment equipment and other mechanical equipment

二.Mechanical CE certification cycle:

    For different machines, the certification cycle varies according to the complexity of the machine, the number of places to be rectified, the number of machinery series to be certified by the customer, and the progress of the mechanical rectification work.In general, the certification process depends on the speed with which the customer modifies the machine and completes the appropriate technical documentation.For industrial and construction machinery, our certification period is about two months according to experience.For power tools and household and similar machinery, the certification period is shorter.

三. UNI mechanical CE certification strength:

1.UNI has several engineers who have been engaged in CE certification of machinery for many years, each of whom has many successful customer cases and rich experience.

2.UNI has a complete range of safety and EMC test instruments and equipment. It is capable of providing low voltage (LVD) and electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test services for machine equipment.

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