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Environment monitoring

Environmental testing laboratory:

       The main service fields include: environmental status monitoring, environmental protection acceptance upon completion of construction projects, site restoration survey, site restoration and governance process monitoring, completion acceptance, environmental protection verification of listed companies, and three wastes detection of sewage discharge enterprises

1.Water quality monitoring:

      It refers to the programmed process of sampling, measuring, recording or sending signals for various characteristic indexes of water in order to master the water environment quality and the dynamic changes of pollutants in the water system.

2.Soil and stream sediment monitoring:

      Soil safety is the premise of crop safety. We provide soil detection services in farmland, vegetable fields, tea gardens, orchards, pastures, woodlands, nature reserves and other areas, and provide sufficient technical support for detection data for the safety of agriculture and planting

3.Solid waste and hazardous waste detection:

       Solid waste refers to solid, semi solid, gaseous articles and substances placed in containers, and articles and substances that are included in waste management according to the provisions of laws and administrative regulations, produced in the course of production, life and other activities and that have lost their original use value or have been abandoned or abandoned even though they have not lost their use value. Liquid wastes that cannot be discharged into water bodies and gaseous substances placed in containers that cannot be discharged into the atmosphere.

       Hazardous waste refers to the wastes with hazardous characteristics that are included in the national hazardous waste directory or identified according to the identification standards and methods for hazardous waste stipulated by the State.

4.Noise and vibration detection:

From the physical definition, the completely irregular vibration in amplitude and frequency is called noise. From the perspective of environmental protection, all sounds that people do not need are collectively referred to as noise. Vibration means that all or part of an object vibrates back and forth along a straight line or curve, with a certain time rule and period.

5.Indoor air detection:

Nearly half of the world's people are exposed to indoor air pollution, which has caused 35.7% of respiratory diseases, 22% of chronic lung diseases and 15% of tracheitis, bronchitis and lung cancer. The number of excess deaths caused by indoor air pollution in China each year has reached 111000, with an average of 304 per day. The indoor space is the main activity area for people. We provide comprehensive and professional indoor air detection services, accurately quantify the toxic and harmful substances such as formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, xylene, ethylbenzene, TVOC, etc. in the daily work and living space, timely find the indoor air hazard factors, and protect the healthy living and working environment.

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