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Reliability lab


Lab overview

     United Testing Reliability Lab is a technical service organization specializing in the inspection of electronic and electrical related products. Focus on product performance reliability research and assist customers in product quality improvement. From product development, production, final product performance, shipment to after-sales service, evaluate product life, improve product quality, and reduce product risk. Reduce costs for customers and build a brand. At present, CNAS, CMA and various related certifications have been obtained. One-stop service from testing services to technical services.


Lab equipment introduction

Laboratory composition

Climate environment laboratory
Salt spray laboratory
Enclosure protection class (IP) laboratory
Mechanical environment laboratory
Integrated environmental laboratory

Test content

Environmental experiments: high temperature, low temperature, constant damp heat, alternating damp heat, temperature change, temperature/humidity combination cycle, neutral salt spray, acetate spray, copper accelerated acetate spray, IP waterproof, IP dustproof, UV, xenon lamp
Mechanical environment experiment: vibration, shock, drop, collision, IK protection
Aging environment experiment: MTBF, aging life test, ozone aging, gas corrosion
Other environmental experiments: plugging, wire rocking, button life, sweat corrosion, cosmetic corrosion, ISTA, noise, contact resistance, insulation resistance, pressure resistance, flame retardant, three integrated temperature/humidity vibration test

Product Category

Electronic and electrical products
Smart travel products (balance car, twist car, scooter, electric bike)
Drone, robot
smart transportation
Energy storage battery, power battery
Smart medical products
Police electronic equipment
Bank-specific electronic equipment
School electronic equipment
Intelligent manufacturing industrial electronic equipment
Wireless module/base station
Monitoring security electronic equipment
Power products
Automotive materials and components
Lighting products
Shipping container

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