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Lighting products

The energy efficiency of lamps and lanterns

Introduction to energy efficiency of lamps and lanterns:

With the rapid growth of world economy, the growing shortage of global energy, countries around the world continue to launch a series of laws and regulations and energy saving plan, such as the United States energy star program (Energystar), DLC, California (CEC), Europe (ERP) of energy efficiency of energy efficiency, such as enterprise products, if get the corresponding certification of energy efficiency, in Europe and America market will deeply consumer's favor, wide prospect of market.

Service scope:

1. Energy Star: a U.S. government-led Energy conservation program focused on consumer electronics.Including test items of optical performance and energy efficiency: 1. Optical efficiency, luminous flux 

2. Color temperature, color deviation, color rendering index 32.CEC certification: Appliance Efficiency Regulation legally implemented by the California Energy Commission on December 30, 2005.The regulations are designed to save energy, improve the efficiency of electric products, and reduce greenhouse effect and gas emissions.

3. Lm-79 test: including spatial light intensity distribution test, spatial color distribution test, IESfile, beam Angle, spatial isoilluminance curve, band luminous flux, etc.

4.Lm-80 test: lumen maintenance rate and color maintenance test of LED lamp beads (package, array and module)

5.DLC testing: covers the categories of LED lighting fixtures, refit kits, and linear lamps, E39 lamp holder HID replacement lamps.

6.ERP test :(EU) no.1194/2012, (EU) no.874/20127. Photobiosafety of lamps and lamp systems (IEC/EN62471) testing is applicable to all lamps and lamp systems, including LEDs, incandescent bulbs, fluorescent lamps, gas discharge lamps, arc lamps and other lamps and lanterns.

Introduction to optical equipment:

he company owns zhejiang university's distributed photometer system of tricolor gms-3000 (15m*6m*6m), tricolor 1.5m constant temperature integrating ball system, remote 2.0m integrating ball system, remote 0.5m integrating ball system, and professional lm-80 aging testing equipment.IEC/EN62471 test system for light and light systems.


Laboratory introduction:

United Testing The lighting laboratory has a testing area of 2000 square meters.Equipped with more than 20 professional lamp testing certification engineers, with the world's top lamp testing equipment, 10 years for more than 5,600 large and medium-sized lamp manufacturers to provide testing and certification services.UNI, as an EPA approved laboratory, has more than 10 years of experience in energy efficiency testing of electronic energy consumption products, especially lighting products, and is authorized as follows:The epa recognizes the energy star testing laboratoryCalifornia energy efficiency accreditation testing laboratory· obtained LIGHTING FACTS LABEL authorized testing laboratory of DOEDOE accredited DLC accredited laboratoryUL authorized test lab, LED lamps designated test lab in south ChinaTUV authorized test labThe government recognizes the public service platform for product testing of small and medium-sized enterprisesChina, Hong Kong, Australia and other lamps and lanterns energy efficiency approval record laboratory

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