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Automotive materials lab

Lab overview

    United Testing Automotive New Materials & Components Lab is a third-party laboratory specializing in automotive related product testing. We have complete experimental equipment, experienced technical development and testing teams, and are committed to helping all companies in the automotive industry improve performance and reduce risks, from product development, production, shipment to after-sales service, for all aspects of the automotive industry chain. Provide quality monitoring while providing solutions to a variety of known and hidden issues.

Lab equipment introduction

Laboratory composition

Materials laboratory, light laboratory, mechanics laboratory, combustion laboratory, endurance laboratory, odor test room, VOC laboratory, atomization laboratory

Product Category

Automotive materials: plastics, rubber, paints, tapes, foams, fabrics, leather, metal materials, coatings
Automotive interior parts: instrument panel, center console, door trim, carpet, ceiling, air conditioning vent, storage box, door handle, pillar trim, steering wheel, sun visor, seat
Automotive exterior parts: front and rear bumpers, air intake grille, side sills, uprights, rearview mirrors, sealing strips, tail fins, spoilers, wipers, fenders, lamp housings, lampshades
Automotive electronics: lights, motors, air conditioners, wipers, switches, meters, driving recorders, various electronic modules, sensors, heat sinks, wiring harnesses

Test content

Material performance test (plastic Rockwell hardness, Shore hardness, tape friction, linear wear, wheel wear, button life, tape initial tack, tape holding tack, paint film impact, gloss test, film flexibility, 100 grid test , compression set, pencil hardness, coating thickness, surface resistivity, volume resistivity, insulation resistance, withstand voltage),Light test (xenon lamp, UV)
Mechanical properties: tensile stress, tensile modulus, tensile strain, flexural modulus, flexural strength, simply supported beam impact strength, cantilever impact strength, peel strength, tear strength, tape peel strength
Thermal performance test (melt index, load heat distortion temperature, Vicat softening temperature)
Combustion performance test (automobile interior combustion, horizontal vertical burning, electric leakage tracking, ball pressure test)
Auto parts fatigue and life test (pull-torsion composite fatigue test, automotive inner handle endurance test, automotive combination internal switch endurance test, automotive manual brake endurance test, button life test, storage box endurance test)
Odour test (odor intensity, odor comfort, odor properties)
VOC test (aldehydes and ketones: formaldehyde, acetaldehyde, acrolein, etc.; benzene series: benzene, toluene, ethylbenzene, xylene, styrene, etc.)
Atomization test (gravimetric method, gloss method, haze method)

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