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Toys & Children products

1.Our services

        We provide testing and verification services for all types of toys, including plastic toys, plush toys, electronic toys, food contact toys, game toys and outdoor toys.We are equipped with comprehensive testing capabilities for toys and baby/child products, covering the mechanical, labeling, combustion, electronic, organic and inorganic chemical requirements of common plastic, plush, electronic toys and baby/child products.We are equipped with a large number of valuable mechanical, electrical, acoustic and climatic equipment.In order to cope with the increasingly strict detection requirements on the limits of hazardous chemical substances in recent years, we have timely equipped corresponding high-precision detection equipment, such as icp-ms, lc-ms-ms and lc-icp-ms.3. Aiming at the three major requirements of "compliance with regulations, cost reduction and risk control" of customers and supply chain, we focus on the compliance information management applicable to the toy and baby products industry, provide systematic solutions for customers, and help them create value and achieve continuous success.

2.UNI toy lab

       UNI toy laboratory has the most advanced testing equipment and a group of high-quality professional and technical personnel, actively participate in the review of domestic and foreign laws and regulations, read the relevant product standards requirements of various countries;The toy lab has been approved by CNAS and CMA, as well as the first CPSC approved testing organization in the United States. It can test hazardous chemicals, inflammables, mechanical and physical properties of various toys and raw materials, baby and child products, baby carts, baby beds, student supplies and other products.
       According to the quality and safety control of toy products, different countries or regions in the world have formulated different standards and limit requirements. We can provide suitable products according to customers' market requirementsA test service for international regulations.Standard testing capabilities cover mainstream markets in Europe, North America, Japan and emerging economies such as Brazil, Russia, the Middle East, Australia and other national or regional standards.

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