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CCC[2019/12/3 18:05:09]

China Compulsory Certificate for short,CCC certificate or 3C certificate. In December 2001

In-depth analysis of Indonesia SDPPI product c…[2019/10/24 16:02:05]

According to this announcement, the recognition of foreign laboratories must meet the following requirements:

TELEC certification[2019/10/21 15:55:04]

TELEC is compulsory certification of wireless products in Japan, there are some similar to the domestic SRRC. It follows the MIC Radio law in Japan.

FCC ID certification, FCC SODC, FCC[2019/1/26 13:57:28]

What information should be submitted for FCC ID certification?

There are three modes of FCC authentication: V…[2019/1/25 16:16:51]

Three modes of FCC certification in the United States

FCC certification standard[2019/1/22 17:22:04]

The main criteria of the FCC are as follows, among which the FCC PART

What are the branches of FCC certification?[2019/1/21 17:34:31]

The main responsibilities of the bureaus under the FCC certification are to apply for licenses, handle complaints, conduct investigations, formulate regulations and extract opinions.

FCC SODC, FCC-ID, FCC[2019/1/18 14:38:13]

Such reports can be issued as long as they are approved by the FCC.A laboratory authorized by A2LA (American Laboratory Accreditation Association) or NVLAP (National Laboratory Accreditation System) can obtain such reports and DOC announcements

What are the requirements for FCC-ID certifica…[2019/1/17 17:25:55]

The FCC has previously published instructions for product labels. According to the FCCs instructions, in general, the label should be placed on the surface of the relevant equipment,

FCC, FCC SDOC, FCC-ID, FCC, VOC and DOC[2019/1/16 17:25:48]

In order to make the manufacturers products more convenient to export to the United States, the FCC will reduce the burden of product certification
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