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Certificate query using help

1、Thank you for using this inquiry system. Please read the following carefully before you start the inquiry to ensure the correctness of the inquiry. Thank you!
Please fill in the certificate you need to query the certificate in the query field in number, for example UNI2015010101ER-1;
We can query the system once only a certificate number, please fill in only one group, do not enter multiple group number.
In the complete, please enter the information in the original certificate;
The customer information due to the principle of confidentiality, the query system can confirm your query the validity of the certificate, and the corresponding number of related products to test specific information, only in the premise with the written consent of the witness, I test room to provide specific information.
We should in the query, you have any questions, welcome you to call 0755-86180996, testing room consultation directly to me.
You can also go directly to the question certificate mail me the testing room, we check that our mail address:hofferlau@uni-lab.hk, thank you!

2、 why can't I find the result?
A, the certificate library does not include this certificate you inquire about;
B, maybe your input is incorrect. Please confirm your input.
Cooperative partner/customer
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