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America certification

FCC certification will usher in new changes in…

the FCC issued new guidance documents, proposed plans to cancel to perform nearly 20 years of FCC certification program of the Verification and DoC, changed to SDoC program, the FCC certification could usher in a new reform new change now finally settled.

UL certification profile

UL is a shorthand for Underwriter Laboratories Inc., a U.S. insurer.The UL safety test is the most authoritative in the United States and is also the largest private sector in the world for safety testing and identification.

IC certification

IC is short for Industry Canada, a government agency that is responsible for the certification of electronic products entering the Canadian market.

Introduction of NOM certification

The Normas Oficiales Mexicanas logo is a mandatory safety sign in Mexico to indicate that the product is in accordance with the associated NOM standard.

Introduction to FCC certification

The FCC was established by COMMUNICATIONACT in 1934 and is an independent agency of the United States government
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