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FCC certification

FCC certification will usher in new changes in reform

    This year on June 23, the FCC issued new guidance documents, proposed plans to cancel to perform nearly 20 years of FCC certification program of the Verification and DoC, changed to SDoC program, the FCC certification could usher in a new reform new change now finally settled.

    After the FCC began implementing SDoC in November 2, 2017, and began to officially eliminate FCC DOC and FCC VOC after November 2, 2018, there was still a one-year transition period.The change of authentication mode is as follows:

    The authentication method changes the time

    Before November 2, 2017

    1, the Certification

    2, DOC

    3. The VOC

    November 2, 2017 - November 2, 2018

    1, the Certification

    2, DOC

    3. The VOC

    4. The SDoC

    After November 2, 2018

    1, the Certification

    1, the SDoC

    The most important change

    1, have clear requirements on the product owner, need to provide the company's contact information, responsibility can be the importer or consignee or customs broker, at the same time after the November 2, 2018, the FCC DOC and FCC VOC.

    2. All SDoC products can choose whether or not to mark the FCC Logo.

    3, significant changes in the way we common equipment certification, in addition to wireless transmitting product/scan/power line's broadband radar receiver products must do the FCC ID, all other products can choose the FCC ID or SDOC.

        FCC certification

    SDoC profile

    SDoC, (Supplier's Declarationof Conformity), the equipment Supplier will test the equipment that meets the specified standards or requirements, and provide the public with the certificate of compliance with the equipment.The SDoC certification process may draw on the eu model and Part 68 DoC importer database model.

    SDoC change status description

    After the regulations come into force, all products conforming to the SDOC certification program will be able to use the FCC logo.At the same time, SDoC will request additional compliance with the statement to the attached document.The statement shall include: the necessary information such as the responsibility of the device, address or contact website.


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