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Ecological environment lab

Lab overview

UNI Eco-Environment Lab is a professional eco-environmental safety testing technology service provider. Specializing in environmental testing and consulting, environmental governance engineering process monitoring, completion acceptance, environmental verification, enterprise three waste testing and other services. Provide customized services for customers, from program development, site survey, sampling to laboratory analysis, report production and results analysis to provide one-stop service.

Lab equipment introduction

Testing field

Water and wastewater
Biological class
Air and exhaust
Soil and water sediments
Solid Waste
Noise, vibration
Indoor air, public places

Laboratory composition

Routine laboratory
Elemental laboratory
Organic laboratory
Microbiology laboratory
testing on the spot

Test items

Water and wastewater testing: surface water, groundwater, domestic drinking water, domestic sewage, medical wastewater, industrial wastewater of various industries, the main test content is 109 surface water, full groundwater testing, and full testing of drinking water;
Biological species: total number of colonies, fecal coliforms, total coliforms, Escherichia coli, heat-resistant coliforms, etc.;
Air and exhaust gas: ambient air, organized exhaust gas in various industries, unorganized exhaust gas, etc. The main testing parameters are VOCs and SVOCs;
Soil and water sediments: soil fertility test, soil heavy metal detection, soil organic matter detection;
Solid waste: toxicity identification of solid waste, detection of heavy metals, detection of organic matter;
Noise, vibration: environmental noise, social life noise, plant boundary noise, vibration, etc.;
Radiation: various types of ionizing radiation, electromagnetic radiation, indoor air, public places: indoor air detection, air detection in public places, etc.;

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