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FCC certification standard

FCC certification standard

The main criteria of the FCC are as follows, among which the FCC PART 15 and PART 18 are widely used:

FCC standard

FCC PART15 C/E/F intended radiation device test

FCC PART 18 Industrial, scientific and medical equipment

FCC PART 22 Public Mobile Communications Service

FCC PART 24 Personal Communication Service

FCC PART 25 Satellite Communication Service

FCC PART 27 Other FCC Wireless Communication Services

FCC PART 68 Telecommunications Terminal Equipment


FCC Part 15 specifies for launching devices that are intentional, unintentional or transient and that do not require a personal license in use. It includes technical specifications, administrative requirements, and other market access conditions.


Products are mainly divided into four categories: unintentional launching equipment, intentional launching equipment, personal communication equipment without licenses, and basic information equipment in countries without licenses.


FCC Part 18 regulates the electromagnetic energy emitted by industrial, scientific, and medical equipment (ISM) operating on a range of frequencies to prevent harmful interference from authorized wireless communication services.

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