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CE certification

CE certification frequently asked questions.

        With the promotion of economic globalization, China's trade economy continues to grow every year. With the rapid development of China's economy, export has become a necessary way for China's sustainable economic development.But goods exported to other countries is not so easy, every country has relevant laws and regulations and enterprise is a must to export to abroad, the corresponding formalities in accordance with the provisions of other countries' corresponding cognitive by below small make up to lead you about some basic knowledge about exports to the eu CE certification!


        Is the product export eu CE certification compulsory?

        Yes, CE certification is the passport for products entering the eu market.When the product enters the customs clearance of the eu market, the product must be marked with the CE certificate, and the CE certificate and its report shall be provided to the customs to pass the customs!

        Does CE certification need to be reviewed?

        CE certification is a self-declaration, which is generally not required by the factory, except for special product categories.

        If you want to do CE certification, how long will it take?

        Specific situation according to the products and their certification mode, different testing cycle time for each product is different, generally with complete information in a by product testing, certification cycle under the condition of between 5 and 20 days.

        How long is the eu certificate valid?

        CE certification itself is not valid. If the standard or instruction is changed or updated, the product will be re-evaluated or re-applied according to the situation.

        What products can apply for CE certification?

        There are many CE instructions, covering a wide range of products.The products that are often made are luminaire, power supply, home appliance, wireless, etc.General instructions have electromagnetic compatibility instruction, low voltage instruction and so on.

        What information does the product CE certificate usually provide?

        1. Product specification/specification.

        2. Circuit schematic diagram, PCB front and back diagram.

        3. List of safety regulations.

        4. Material list, etc.

        Want to know more information about CE certification details can contact us, united testing is committed to provide enterprises with world security certification, safety testing, security testing, safety training of the third party testing certification bodies.The main areas involved are low-voltage electrical appliances, machinery, pressure equipment, lamps and lanterns products, automobile products, etc.

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