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CE certification

Kitchen appliance CE certification process.

        Kitchen appliances CE certification body -EN60335.

        Domestic certification: quality test report, ISO system certification, 3C certification, production license, ministry of public security inspection report.

        International certification: CE certification, FCC certification, COC certification SASO certification, SAA certification SONCAP certification,

        Chemical detection: ROHS detection and FDA testing REACH certification LFGB certification toy EN71 California 65 food detection MSDS 6.

         CE certification

        What is the significance of the CE mark?

        The meaning of the CE mark is: use the CE acronym for symbol labeled with CE products meet the Requirements of relevant European directives main Requirements (Essential Requirements), and to confirm that the product has passed the corresponding conformity assessment procedures and qualified manufacturers

        The statement is truly a pass for products to be sold in the European Community.

        Directive requirements industrial products labeled with the CE, no CE mark, shall not be sold, have been labeled with CE marking to market products, found not in conformity with the requirements of the safety should be ordered to withdraw from the market, for violation of the provisions of the instructions about the CE mark will be restricted or banned from entering the eu market or was forced to withdraw from the market.

        CE mark is not a sign of quality, it is a representative the products are in accord with the European safety/health/environmental/health and other series of standard and directive tag. Of all products sold in the European Union CE mark is mandatory.

        Why apply for CE certification?

        CE certification, which provides uniform technical specifications for national products in European markets, simplifies trade procedures.The product of any country to enter the European Union, the European free trade area must carry on the CE certification, affix the CE mark on the product.CE certification is therefore a passport for products entering the European Union and the European free zone national market.

        CE certification indicates that the product has reached the safety requirements stipulated by eu directive;It is a commitment of the enterprise to consumers, which increases consumers' trust in products.Products with the CE mark will reduce the risk of sales in the European market.These risks include:

        The risk of being detained and investigated by the customs;

        The risk of being investigated by the market watchdog;

        Being sued by peers for competitive purposes.

        What are the benefits of applying for CE certification?

        Eu laws and regulations and the coordinate standard not only number, and the content is very complicated, thus obtained is the European Union assigns the organization to help a save time, effort, and can reduce the risk of smart;

        Obtain the CE certificate issued by the eu designated institution to obtain the trust of consumers and market supervision institutions;

        Can effectively prevent the emergence of irresponsible allegations;

        In the case of litigation, the CE certificate of the eu designated institution will become the technical evidence with legal effect;

        What information should I prepare for CE certification?

        CE certification to prepare technical documents.

        1. Name, address, product name and model of the manufacturer (eu authorized representative (eu authorized agent));

        2. Product instructions;

        3. Safety design documents (including the key structure diagram, which can reflect the design drawing of climbing distance, clearance, number of insulation layers and thickness);

        4. Product technical conditions (or enterprise standards), and the establishment of technical data;

        5. Schematic diagram, block diagram and circuit diagram of product electrical appliances;

        6. List of key components or raw materials (please select products with European certification mark);

        7. Testing Report;

        8. Relevant certificates issued by NB, the eu authorized certification body (for other modes other than model A);

        9. Registration certificate of the product in the eu (for some products such as: Class I medical device, ordinary IVD in vitro diagnostic medical device);

        10. CE conforms to the declaration (DOC);


        1) in addition to special instructions, please provide the above information in English.

        2) for various types of product applications, please provide the information of each model separately.

        3) if you apply for a series of products, please attach the similarities and differences between different models.

        How long is the CE certification time period?

        The CE certification cycle is 2 weeks.

        Note: the LVD test cycle is 2 weeks, and the EMC test cycle can be tested at the same time.

        How long is the CE certificate valid?

        CE certification is not valid, as long as the product is unchanged, the test standard is not updated, and the CE certificate is always valid.

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