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The UNI test successfully passed the A2LA qualification assessment in the United States.

        The world's leading third party certification testing organizations unitesd testung (hereinafter referred to as the "UNI") received from the American association for laboratory accreditation (hereinafter referred to as the "A2LA"), a senior contract review for UNI electromagnetic compatibility laboratory and smart grid lab (hereinafter referred to as the "EMC lab") for on-site review.


        During the period of review, expert according to ISO 17025:2005 request to review the EMC lab and smart grid lab management system, personnel, equipment, traceability, etc., and examines the application for approval within the scope of each standard demonstration experiment, and the comprehensive evaluation of the test operation details according to the standard requirement.In addition, I also communicated with the UNI EMC laboratory and the team of smart grid engineers on relevant technical issues.After the site assessment, evaluation experts for UNI system, technology management and testing ability, especially the size and strength of the EMC laboratory, and professional degrees of smart grid lab gave high recognition.

        Photo taken after the review.


        As is known to all, A2LA is one of the members of the international laboratory accreditation cooperation organization (ILAC), which is also a necessary qualification for the recognition of third party LABS by many American automobile manufacturers and power companies.The UNI smoothly through the review, and further broaden the scope of foreign laboratories and mutual recognition, effectively promoted the UNI the further development of automotive electronics business, also for UNI to get more foreign qualifications accumulated valuable experience.At the same time, it also opens the "green channel" for relay protection and automation equipment and systems to the north American market.


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